Outlook Email Login

How To Get An Outlook Login

Getting an Outlook email login is pretty straightforward since an Outlook mail is a free Micrsoft email service. So you can receive your free Outlook email, make sure you have a computer or mobile device that has a web browser and Internet connection.

The main advantage of having your very own outlook.com email is that you can access in just about any web browser. In addition, you can also use it as a login for an online account, whether it may be for a social media networking account or an online shopping portal. Your Outlook sign in can also be used for other Microsoft services.

If you are thinking, how do I log into my outlook email, complete the subsequent process to assist you in how to log into Outlook mail 365.

• Open a web browser and go to the Outlook main web page at www.outlook.com.

• When the main page pops up, you will find the Outlook 365 sign in web page as in the first picture. Next, click the blue “Sign up now” hyperlink at the bottom of the web page.

outlook email login

• Afterwards, you will see the log on to Outlook mail page, as with the second picture.

outlook.com email
• It may happen that you might see another person’s Office 365 Outlook email, not the Microsoft Outlook email login you are looking for. If this occurs, log out first, and then reload the web page. If it does not pop up, remove the cookies, cache, history, etc. of your program. You can also select to open it up on a different web browser.

• Put in the required fields like your First and Last names, your Gender, and your Birthdate. All the remaining portions are optional.

outlook sign in

• The Outlook username must look like username@outlook.com. But you can only alter the username portion.

• There are many people who utilize Outlook. In this case, come up with a unique username. If your initial username does not take, experiment a little on a couple of user names. Outlook will make sure that your username is available or not. You might need to try out different kinds of usernames.

outlook email
• As having an Outlook account is similar to other online accounts, you need a password for security and privacy. When you type in your password, it will be substituted with dots. Your password needs to at least be 8 characters in length. Plug in the password, afterwards, on the following field.

outlook mail

• As soon as you have a password, type the characters you see or hear to make sure you are not a “robot.” Moreover, make sure if you want Microsoft to send you their service offerings. Next, click the hyperlink, “Create account”.

log into my outlook email